99.9% Assay Pure Benzocaine Powder at the Best Prices

Our focus is supplying the highest pharmaceutical grade benzocaine available for research labs, product developers, and pharmaceutical corporations. We specialized in the highest quality Benzocaine HCL, and Benzocaine USP.
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Customer Service

We understand the frustration that can happen when dealing with many chemical companies. Customers become numbers on the page, first with the order, and then with shipping, and maybe forgotten.

Leading manufacturers are surprised at the level of detailed service they get from us after using other wholesalers. Our focus is on customer service and satisfaction. We only stock the highest grade of pharmaceutical grade benzocaine: and we always provide the exact weight specified by our customers. Should a problem arise, you can be sure we will be on top of it.

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Why Choose us as your Benzocaine Supplier?

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When you contact us we will first need to verify your information. After we verify your information we will contact you.

Our products are for legitimate companies pursuing research and manufacturing purposes only.